The Ultimate YouTube Enhancer


You can customize TweakTube to suit your individual needs, keeping or removing any of its features. The many functions and options are explained below. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.
  • General Options

    To edit TweakTube's options:
    1. Click on 'Tools' in the top Firefox menu
    2. Click on 'TweakTube - Options'

    AutoPagerize - Search for YouTube videos and scroll down to the bottom of the page. Now instead of having to click next or '2', you can just continue scrolling. The second page gets inserted automatically. You can continue scrolling like this as long as there are more results to see.

    BetterTube - See the YouTube videos in extra large size with three download options: Direct Download, Download from KeepVid, Download from ClipNabber

    Colorful Buttons - Makes the Youtube buttons colorful instead of the simple grey theme. Each button gets a different color.

    Enhancer - This option has many features in it. Download a video or shut off the lights (screenshot 1) from the bar above the movie. Get many additional playing options including: quality selector, rollover preview, media controller, resizer, etc. (screeenshot 2).
    To edit some of the options of the script, click on the pink icon on the left of the top bar (screenshot1). Detailed help is here:

    Prewatch - Just hover over any video thumbnail and instantly see details of it including a small preview version playing.

    Simple Flash Blocker - When opening YouTube videos in multiple tabs many start playing all at once. This option stops them from playing automatically, util you actually click them.

    Small Tweaks - Gives videos a black background and let's you scroll related videos in a frame. Also does some other style changes.

    Video Downloader - Below the movie, to the right of submission date, four links are added (FLV | 3GP | MP4 | MP3). Each for downloading the video in a different format.
  • Watching Options

    Better Loopy - Loop video by clicking on the small 'Loop' button below the right corner of the video. You can also choose part of a video to loop through which in many cases creates funny outcomes.

    Lights Out - Turn the lights off all around the video, so that you can have less distractions, The button is located above the video.

    HD Suite - Shows HD videos by default and shows quality buttons above the video for changing quality. Also shows quality icons next to video results so that you can know the quality of a video without having to open it.

  • Uninstall

    To uninstall TweakTube from Firefox do the following:
    1. Click the 'Tools' menu in Firefox.
    2. Click 'Add-ons' and choose TweakTube from the list of Add-ons.
    3. Click 'Uninstall'.